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7. Константин Кутергин [ркв]   (22.09.2012 17:50)
I suggest President LLHP cooperate Greenpeace, for events in the Arctic to identify violations of the companies that pollute the environment than killing animals listed in the Red Book, which contradicts the Constitution of all the countries, as well as calling for a meeting with me Angelina Jolie, on territory ice pole to study its icebergs and water for contamination. Meeting of the International Association may appoint ordering bionic dolphin in its online store at http://llhp.my1.ru/

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6. Константин Кутергин [ркв]   (16.09.2012 22:03)
I also suggest reputable Angelina Jolie to join the group of the International Bar Association, for service auditing its deposits and investments in SMS legal advice, which she will receive a% of the profit as a shareholder community LLHP, which she will have a voucher and VIP card gives you free legal advice to the European company. biggrin

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5. Константин Кутергин [ркв]   (16.09.2012 21:00)
The door swung open and Knight ran into the room to the beautiful princess. Belle cried,
sitting on the bed. On seeing him, the princess began to cry even more.
- Tomorrow I will give the dragon - crying, she said the knight.
- Each year, the dragon needs to be devoured by the most beautiful virgin city. It's me! Why am I so beautiful?. .
- I will save you - passionately exclaimed Knight.
- You kill the dragon?
- There are more than a simple tool! - Said the Prince, pulling off his pants.
- And there is no other way? - Dubiously asked the princess.
- Well, I can still break your nose and you will not be the most beautiful.

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4. Константин Кутергин [ркв]   (16.09.2012 12:41)
About vampires

- Two irreconcilable Clan: Both Army and curb hunger.

- Every vampire looking for his bride, his eternal wife, and there is like a living corpse, until he finds it.

- The bride is able to return his body to life, give it breath and make the heart beat - a process known awakening to life.

- Have the ability to teleport. Can only move to a place where there have ever been, or a place that they see.

- Fallen - vampires who drink the blood straight from the source - the man - and thus kill him. Different from other red eyes.

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3. Константин Кутергин [ркв]   (15.09.2012 20:10)
Member of European Parliament and the EU (European Union) - the largest regional association aimed at creating political, monetary and economic union of European states in order to remove all obstacles to the free movement of goods, services, capital and people, as well as for the formation of a common foreign and security policy guarantee the legality of the XI All-Russian LLHP Anti-crisis trade forum of International Trade, with contracts on stocks and interest on the profit for the sMS, the event takes place under the supervision of the UNDP.

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2. Константин Кутергин [ркв]   (15.09.2012 18:47)
Hello people of all countries, will soon be held in Moscow a major international event for the open enterprise, working on legal advice, the only online and via SMS, which will lead to a network of international revolution and allow each citizen wishing to buy shares, and any company to become a co-founder and shareholder of LLHP, the work and the inclusion of everyone in the world will free him from the daily office visits, as this program will work from a virtual office, the purpose of this project, the freedom of man in front of his choice and the right to a happy life outside the office and be the master of your life without depending another, that will allow people to watch more of the ecology of time and pay more modern construction, a healthy society, which will comply with the law and its regulations, as reflected in the Bible. All people wishing to join the pyramid of world chaos, a joint project of Greenpeace & LLHP...

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1. Константин Кутергин [ркв]   (15.09.2012 16:15)
Hello, I suggest to do a fashion show by Greenpeace with CPM fashion magazine with news and Greenpeace to public figures and politicians to support and participate in the online games from Greenpeace, which boritsya corruption on the planet ... tongue


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